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The Silent Killer

Geopathic Stress has a long historical association with a number of physical and neurological illnesses. Contact Nordic Natural Energies, Dublin, to neutralise geopathic stress in your work or home.
Geopathic Stress has a long historical association with the following illnesses

Harmful Environmental Influences & Geopathic Stress

Historically, humankind's knowledge of Geopathic Stress goes back thousands of years, recognised by most communities as energy that was harmful to the health of people, most plants and most animals. In the various societies, different ways were identified to combat this harmful environmental influence on health and today some of these methods are still with us, as for example the pyramids, not only in Egypt but also in the Americas, and the Pagoda in the Far East.

In the twenty first century we now have not only to combine with Geopathic Stress but are now faced with the presence of Electromagnetic Stress from the never ending growth in Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) which combine with our exposure to toxins and heavy metals in the atmosphere and food means that we are toxically overburdened and our biological system is under continuous pressure just to survive. The medical profession in Mid to East Europe and into Russia have acknowledged the influence of Geopathic Stress as a major contributing factor in the manifestation of most major illness and, from the increased number of scientific studies on the effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation, are clear that these two invisible sources of energy are behind the ever increasing number of cancers, cardiac, diabetes, obesity and neurological illnesses.

Geopathic Stress Indicators

Geopathic Stress is unlikely to cause an illness on its own but it does seriously lower the immune system, and inhibits the body absorbing essential vitamins and minerals, thus compromising the health of the individual exposed to its influence.

Restoring Health & Harmony

We have worked successfully with clients suffering from geopathic stress and restoring health and harmony in their homes and offices throughout Ireland and beyond. Our technical expertise in harmonising geopathic stress is acknowledged by a large international client base extending from New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, UK, mainland Europe and South Africa.

Contact us for a consultation on neutralising geopathic stress in your work or home environment.