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Stetzerizer Filters

Stetzerizer Filter
The STETZERiZER Filter (Graham-Stetzer Filter) is based on 100 year-old electromagnetic theories applied and engineered for modern use. Just as we protect our electronic equipment with surge suppressors, the STETZERiZER Filters are designed to reduce the amplitude of micro-surges on indoor wiring.

They prove most effective within the 4kHz to 100kHz frequency range. By reducing the intensity of these high frequency micro-surges the Filters effectively diminishes the amount of electrical pollution in your environment

The STETZERiZER Filters fit into a normal home, school or office electrical outlet. They have been CE approved as safe for these environments. These unique Filters may be safely installed by anyone. Thanks to its straightforward functionality it has an extensive life-span.

Price: 67.50 EUR