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Soul Medicine

Soul Medicine is a vital element in any holistic approach to restoring health. Nordic Natural Energies, Wicklow, Ireland

The Triad of Soul-Spirit-Body

Soul Medicine is grounded in the triad of soul-spirit-body. These are the fundamental elements of human life and some would even argue of all life on earth and in the greater cosmos. However, we are only concerned with the soul-spirit-body relationship. Once we engage with soul-spirit-body, we should reflect on shamanic narrative and its insight into this triad relationship and its ultimate role on an individuals health. Shamanic healers in most indigenous communities believe that disease manifests after an infliction on soul or loss of soul.

Energies of the Spirit and Body

The separate energies of spiritual body and physical body are distinct and individual in their own right. Their origins are separate, the physical body being created from human reproduction organisms, under the influence of cosmic energy, producing its own DNA, while the origins of the spirit is less clear and subject to debate between world cultures. What is clear in such debate, is that the human body does not exist without the presence of a spiritual body, and that when the life of the human body expires, the spiritual body departs to another realm, possibly taking on another life form, returning to earth through re-incarnation, or may remain in the spiritual realm never to return again to earth. Belief in re-incarnation gives credence to the possibility that the spirit also has its own DNA, which can be passed down through the spiritual lineage in the family. Examples of this would be where the spiritual body experiences some form of trauma, that is not resolved within a given life span, that is, where the spiritual body has not found peace, and will thus carry the imprint of that experience until the matter is addressed and resolved. 'Healing the Family Tree' by Dr. Kenneth McCall is worth reading for those interested in the influence of spiritual inheritance.

So What is 'Soul'?

According to James Hillman, 'soul is an ambiguous concept resisting all definition' (Suicide and the Soul) never-the-less common threads on what we refer to as soul, emerge when the spiritual realm of most cultures is examined. Soul has been described as the body where the energies of physical body and mystical spiritual bodies meet and act through. If we can embrace such a concept, then we open up the possibility of the relevance of soul medicine as a healing modality that can aid an individual's recovery from physical, mental, clinical, or emotional illness or trauma.

Soul medicine primarily acknowledges the influential role of spiritual energies on our physical health and physical well-being on our spiritual health, soul being the medium through which disharmony can be identified and through which harmony can be restored. Soul Medicine is not an extensionist view of the role of religion on one's health, for it is not limited by any specific theology or belief system. Soul Medicine is a vital element in any holistic approach to restoring health, without it, we neglect to embrace the subtle influences of spiritual energies on the physical and mental body acknowledged by the majority of cultural medical modalities throughout the world. Recommended reading 'Soul Medicine' by Helen Graham.