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Somatic Cell Count in Cows

New research on Geowave ® - waves in cattle stalls

New research on Geowave ® - waves in cattle stalls
Somatic Cell Count in Cows before and after hanging of Geowave

Reduction in somatic cell counts recorded
(Ref: Zusammenstellung. Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker, )
For several years studies in Austria, Switzerland and the United States, have examined whether the use of a GeoWave ® can improve animal health housed in stables. Medical Dr. Linda FURTER worked under the scientific direction of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. HACKER, Veterinary Faculty, University of Zurich, to examine the question of whether and what influences the geopathic stress zones have on dairy cows.

Geowave Tests show Improved Cattle Health

Cattle housed in polluted stands showed significantly lower melatonin levels, poorer quality milk (milk cell count, etc.) and reduced health (udder-and-mouth inflammation) compared to normal cattle values. The use of GeoWave ® normalized the melatonin concentration, the milk quality and the animal health improved markedly. Just a few weeks after installation of GeoWave ® the raw milk contained significantly fewer inflammatory cells.

Extensive tests with GeoWave ®, in small to medium sized "problem-cow barns" with up to 300 dairy cows, have been running for two years in Austria and the US. For years previously, the raw milk from the companies involved in the investigations had shown remarkably high elevated levels of inflammatory cells. The affected farmers were largely unaware of the reasons for this phenomenon. They had tried practically everything to protect the health of the cows, and also to improve the quality of milk. After the installation of the Geowave, significant improvements in milk somatic cell count (SCC) were found; mostly within 3-4 months, in some cases after 9 months. Improvements were also found in fat and lactic acid content of the raw milk, the milk yield and the overall health of the cattle. The investigations were carried out in close collaboration with David Reech (Aquifer and Health Institute, Annapolis, Maryland, USA), major U.S. dairy associations such as DAIRY LEA and in part collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. The University of Wisconsin at Platteville have hung eight GeoWave ® in the Pioneer Farms since March 2010.

Findings of the Zurich Tests

A study, incorporating the Geowave carried out on a dairy farm near Zurich, Switzerland, to be published soon, clearly identifies the benefits associated with use of the Geowave. Some of the major findings were: Contact Ciaran with your questions concerning reducing environmental and electromagnetic stress in cows, the benefits of reduced SCCs and possibly improved yields, and he will be happy to help.