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Clearing negative energies and countering Geopathic Stress.  Spirituality  and neutralizing electromagnetic radiation effects. International commercial, domestic and personal health services from Nordic Natural Energies, Wicklow , Ireland
Working from a background centred in Shamanic and Spiritual tradition our mission is to assist people in restoring health, harmony and happiness to their lives and communities.

Every day we live and breathe in the landscape of life. Forces within that landscape include, illness, grief, pain, suffering, tragedy, fear of death, economic trauma, impaired confidence, conflict at work, also present within that same landscape is the capacity of human desires, passionate love, joy, wonder, awe, trust, gratitude, patience, wisdom, compassion, and courage. Our mission is to assist clients in achieving a balance in the energetic properties of a living landscape, where illness and conflict and death are viewed in the context of life’s journey, but not the purpose, where health and harmony can breathe easily and the guiding light of love is always visible.

Clearing Negative Energies in the Home

Commercial Services

Personal Healing

Grounded in a spiritual environment, allowing the mergence of physical, spirit and soul to be viewed individually and collectively, a range of natural healing modalities are utilised incorporating music, scent, silence, touch, geometric form, natural gel, stone and crystal to restore balance to mind, body and soul, giving way to the mergence of a new vitality and restoration of health.

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International Clientele

Based in Ireland, Ciarán has assisted many clients from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Holland, Finland, Austria, England, Scotland, Wales as well as Ireland. Much of our work can be undertaken at a distance, over the telephone or using the computer and Skype.

Ongoing Research

We are currently carrying out extensive research on the combined influence of Geomagnetic Radiation, Geopathic Radiation, and Electromagnetic Radiation, Electromagnetic Frequency and the human neurobiological body. This has involved indepth searches of scientific papers on the subject combined with examinations of individual client cases who consider that their illness is a result of exposure to electromagnetic influences combined with local geological/environmental conditions.

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