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Geopathic Stress Explained

What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic Stress is the term used in this country for bodily stresses that derive from the place where one lives or works. These stresses may be due to the effect of underground water flows, rock faults, or "energy lines" such as "Ley Lines". The energies seem to reflect from materials rather like radio waves. Just why such negative unbalances of energy occur is at present unknown. The patterns of geopathic stress energies can be dowsed for using water-divining techniques and can be very complex. However the origins of geopathic stress are usually simple.

How can Geopathic Stress affect us?

The usual effect of Geopathic Stress is to deplete the energy of the person involved, and can have a very depressing effect on the immune system. People vary in their sensitivity to geopathic stress, often becoming more susceptible to its effects when they are under par due to an infection or other illness. Geopathic Stress is widely accepted as a factor in illness by many orthodox medical practitioners in Germany and Austria. In Ireland however its effects are all too frequently attributed to the mind of the person affected.

Can Geopathic Stress Presence be Proved?

The difficulty is that whatever energy causes geopathic stress, it cannot be directly detected by any present day scientific instruments. Its effect has however been scientifically proved to exist. A "Segmentelektrograph" which measures electrical responses in the body, failed to work until the consulting room of a medical consultant were neutralised from the effects of geopathic stress. This machine works on good established scientific principles. Immediately after the geopathic stress was neutralised the machine "burst into life" - to quote the consultant.

Machine Response inhibited by geopathic stress  - Nordic Natural Energies, Ireland Machine response after neutralisation of geopathic stress - Nordic Natural Energies, Ireland

How Can We Detect the Presence of Geopathic Stress?

So far the only methods of detecting the presence of geopathic stress involve indirect measurement. The "Vega" diagnostic machine, that uses acupuncture points in its operation, can be used to check for its presence; so can muscle testing which checks muscular reflexes where the stress is suspected to be present.

In skilled hands, dowsing is perhaps the best method, as it is then possible to detect not only the presence of geopathic stress but also the area of its influence. The origins of geopathic stress are usually simple, such as a stream of underground water, whereas the energy patterns that result may appear complex.

Bizarre though it may seem, it is perfectly possible to dowse a sketch map of a property and obtain accurate information about sources of geopathic stress that may be present. For more information on this the reader is referred to "Anyone Can Dowse For Better Health" by Arthur Bailey.

What Can be Done about Geopathic Stress?

There are many ways that have been proposed to neutralise geopathic stress - some reasonable, some quite strange, some of very dubious authenticity. One method that we have found very successful is to drive metal rods into the ground at suitable places; the particular points being selected by dowsing. Some people call this "Acupuncture of the Earth".

Correctly done there is rarely any need to visit a house for a second time. When a second visit is needed it is usually due to extreme weather conditions having changed the course of an underground stream.

However, earth acupuncture is both time-consuming and expensive - particularly if the site visit involves much travelling. It was these factors, and an underground stream that kept changing its course, that led to the development of the "Stressbuster" geostress neutralisation machine by Dr. Arthur Bailey. The object was to construct a device that genuinely worked, and at a reasonable a price. This device took over four years to develop and is the result of many hundreds of hours of painstaking work. It takes only a small amount of power from the mains and will comfortably neutralise even a large house.

The GeoWave Models developed in Austria are also used to neutralise geopathically stressed zones. It was not originally designed to clear such energies but when placed in hospitals as a piece of art work, patients commented no how well they felt subsequent to its placement and scientific tests have now proven how the human energy field responds to its presence in reducing the harmful effects of both geopathic stress and electromagnetic stress. (read more)

How Effective is Geopathic Stress Neutralisation / Removal?

Using reliable methods, the effects of Geopathic Stress can be completely removed - usually for an indefinite period of time. It can take up to two weeks for the residual stresses to dissipate, but usually things feel quite different within a day or two of the neutralisation starting. Often therapies that did not previously have much effect on a client (acupuncture for example) can suddenly give good results.