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GeoWave Story

The Geowave device was originally designed as an element to improve the ambiance in a hospital. It was then discovered that it generated a calming relaxing feeling to patients as well as improving healing and restoration to good health."
The gold coloured GeoWave, counter geopathic stress - available from Nordic Natural Energies, Wicklow, Ireland

University Professor, Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker, Medical Biologist, Endocrinologist, Molecular Scientist. Recommends the GeoWave, available from Nordic Natural Energies, Ireland

In scientific studies carried out by Prof.Hacker, they were able to prove, with significant data, that the Geowave had a strong harmonizing effect that provided people with additional energy. People found they slept better and performed better the next day. They also found that they recovered better from physical exercise
Geowave used in an office environment - Hang the Geowave on your ceiling to create a calming / relaxing effect for you and your family - and your employees and customers. Available from Nordic Natural Energies, Ireland

Hang the Geowave on your ceiling to create a calming / relaxing effect for you and your family - and your employees and customers.
By University Professor, Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker, Medical Biologist, Endocrinologist, Molecular Scientist

There are naturally places where we sit, stand or sleep that are better or worse energetically for us. Geometric forms, architectural designs are known to impact on our well-being. Could there be devices that can be placed in our presence which have a dramatic effect on how we feel, sleep, work and play?

The story of the Geowave stems from the experience of patients after the internal renovations carried out in a hospital in Austria. As a form of sculpture, a simple wave form aluminium structure was hung from the ceiling in a particular location. Patients soon claimed they felt much more relaxed in an atmosphere more akin to a holiday stay rather than a hospital stay. This experience noted by the patients was soon attributed to the wave form and some experiments were conducted to verify its impact.

Prof. Gerhard Hacker initially evaluated the device in his own home before undertaking more extensive scientific tests.

He experienced a calm and relaxing feeling while in his house which corresponded directly to the periods when the Geowave was in place; compared to erratic/nervous characteristic experiences that he was accustomed to when the Geowave was not in place. It was only after feeling the calm in his bedroom that he fully realized how stressful his normal living environment truly had been.

He has continued to enjoyed a restful sleep since the Geowave was placed in his home years ago.

Hospital Test of GeoWave

There was one place which was predestined for such an initial testing - and that was the room where all of our hospital telephone operators fulfill their enormously stressful jobs. A room filled with people in stress and a huge load of technical equipment. This particular department was experiencing a significant amount of sick-days and the employee turnover rate was many times higher than any other department in the hospital complex. This was an ideal location to test whether the Geowave would be able to make a noticeable improvement.

The device was mounted on the ceiling as a design element in the telephone operators' room. The unit was installed during a weekend night without the knowledge of any employee. Immediate benefit to the health of the staff was noted. Within two months, the validity of the Geowave and its ability to calm an area was witnessed. Needless to say that, in the telephone operator's room, the number of sick days decreased and the employee turnover rate has gone back to a rate which one would usually expect.
Further randomized double-blind scientific studies were carried out. It was the beginning of an unparalleled story, and since that time, thousands of Geowaves have been installed in hospitals and various public places, such as economic centers, banks, governmental offices, airport towers, supermarkets (above the cashier's desks) and countless numbers of private homes. It has significantly contributed to the performance of sports professionals and assisted people in strengthening their body's defense system to stay healthy and to heal faster.

(Research data relative to the GeoWave is attributed to the work of Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker.)

The Geowave came to be because it works, not because it was created to market!

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