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GeoWave & Recreation

GeoWave fitted in a nursery. Ensure a long life filled with energy by fitting  GeoWave available from Nordic Natural Energies, Wicklow, Ireland

Redefine Recreation With Geowave

Your home is supposed to be a stress-free oasis of recreation. GeoWave enables you to create the harmonious environment you deserve to live in! Scientific studies and more than 12 years of succes demonstrate GeoWave's positive effect on a number of illnesses and physical and mental states, such as:

Geowave - For A Long Life Filled With Energy

Furthermore, the GeoWave has astonishing positive long-term effects; for example on: Due to improved sleeping patterns and an overall well-being, the body's immune system grows stronger. You will stay fit and feel younger and more agile; your improved outward appearance will reflect your inner well-being.

The home is supposed to be our safe haven, supporting and stabilising our health. The results speak for themselves: a unique and lasting improvement of your life's quality is guaranteed.

Contact CiarĂ¡n for Geowave fitting and placement service in Ireland, overseas enquires welcome.

* Melatonin, an important hormone, is vital for the human body and brain in various aspects. Produced during the night by the so-called pineal gland, a part of the epithalamus, melatonin regulates sleeping cycles. If you do not get enough sleep, less melatonin is produced and, as a result, your brain's memory capacity is reduced and your immune system weakened. In the United States, melatonin is used as a state-of-the-art tool for anti-aging treatments.