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GeoWave Info

Nordic Natural Energies are proud to have been appointed distributors in Ireland for the Austrian designed Geowave. The Geowave is a sigmoidally bent device made of special aluminium alloy that has been scientifically tested and proven to substantially reduce stress in people arising from both geopathic zones of energy and electromagnetic sources. Now widely used in Austrian hospitals as an aid to supporting patients recovering from illness.

Background to the Wave

Originally desigined to be an aesthetic improvement in hospital rooms, the Geowave was first installed in a hospital in Salzburg, Austria.
Patients reported in interviews: "I feel as if I'm on holiday here!" This was researched and various measurements established that these "feel good" rooms produced a special harmonising effect. At first, nobody considered the Wave, and it was a while before it was recognised that this harmony occurred exclusively in those rooms in which the wave was mounted on the ceiling. Considerable further research, tests and optimisation of the prototype led to production of the Wave in its current form.
The First Hospital GeoWave, fitted in UKH, Salzburg. GeoWave is available for the relief of geopathic stress and supplied throughout Ireland by Nordic Natural Energies

Initial installation was only in hospitals

Initially, GEOWAVEs were only installed in hospitals, in surgeries and public buildings. It wasn't until March 2003, when a team of scientists from Vienna and Salzburg published a study on geopathological disturbance and the potential harmonisation by using our Wave, that the Wave became accessible to a broader public.

Scientific research continues

The resounding success of the study not only inspired the scientists involved, but many other researchers have already expressed their interest in participating in further projects.

Years of experience

Many Waves have been installed since 1997 and are regularly checked. Records show that they continue to effectively harmonise their environment, even after a period of years.
Geowave  fitted in a doctors surgery. Available for the relief of geopathic stress and supplied throughout Ireland by Nordic Natural Energies

How the Geowave improves health and well-being

The Geowave can help you in the following ways:
For advice on how best to use the Geowave, contact CiarĂ¡n for Geowave fitting and placement service in Ireland, overseas enquires welcome.