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EMF & Health

Electromagnetic Sensitivity  (EMS) develops due to exposure to radiation from mobile phones, masts, electric pylons and wireless networks. Nordic Natural Energies helps counter the effects of EMF exposure, to restore the bodies natural energy balance.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) & Health

Human life has evolved from the dawn of time in an environment of electromagnetic radiation. This evolution continues to be driven by a complex mixture of naturally occurring electromagnetic frequencies from geological or natural terrestrial sources, combined with solar and cosmic rays.

Electromagnetic radiation permeates throughout the atmosphere but the total strength of the electromagnetic fields, that humans are exposed to regularly, has increased exponentially in the last 60 years with the introduction of electrical power to homes, offices and factories, plus the ever increasing use of wireless communication systems throughout the world.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity

People who have shown a high level of sensitivity to this form of energy have been diagnosed as suffering from electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS), effecting up to 3% of the population. EMS is considered to develop due to exposure to radiation from mobile phones, masts, electric pylons, and wireless networks. Reported symptoms include fatigue, aches, digestive problems, rashes, poor sleep quality, and a contributing factor in obesity, diabetes, certain cardiac conditions and neurobiological disorders. Exposure to EMF sources has been implicated as an active influential element in the manifestation of autism, arthritis, asthma, cancer, motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis etc....

If you are concerned about your health, then feel free to contact us for advice on the potential role this pollutant may be contributing to your well-being and what steps you may take to reduce its influence.